Our Policies

At Mosman your child’s health and safety is very important to us. We have developed policies that guide our daily routines to ensure your child is cared for and safe whilst at our center. To view these policies please click on the tabs below:

  1. Sun Protection Policy
  2. Infectious Disease Policy
  3. Anaphylaxis Policy
  4. Complaints Policy
  5. Unenrolled Children Policy

Sun Protection Policy

During the warmer months of the year, our educators set up learning experiences in the shaded parts of the center. The play is minimised in direct sun from the hours of 11 am to 3 pm when the UV rays are at their highest. Children are all required to bring in their hats and they are encouraged to wear these whilst outside all year except for June and July, when the UV index is mostly below three. On particularly hot days, educators may set up water play, will remind children to drink regularly from their water bottles and encourage children to play inside with a quiet activity. Sunscreen is provided at the sign in table and parents are advised to put on sunscreen on their child when the UV index is above 3. You will see the UV index on the whiteboard next to the sign in table. Click here to read more about NSW Cancer Council Health Alert.

Infectious Disease Policy

Our infectious disease policy states that all children need to be immunised before they start attending Mosman Early Learning Center. The exceptions are for children with medical contraindications or those on a recognised catch-up schedule. If your child is not immunised he/she may be excluded if an outbreak of measles or whooping cough occurs at the center. Please notify the director or a staff member if your child catches any infectious or contagious illness.

Anaphylaxis Policy

All staff at Mosman Early Learning Centerare trained in the administration of epi-pens. We always have one member of staff who is trained in first aid on site at any given time. If your child needs an epi-pen, a management plan must be given to the center, so that all staff are aware of your child’s allergies. Our center is a nut-free zone.

Complaints Policy

At Mosman Early Learning Center we are reflective in all of our practices. We welcome any compliments, contributions and constructive criticism you may have. We wish to have open clear lines of communication and want any issues resolved quickly. In order to do this, please contact the following groups of people in this order:

  • a) Your child’s educator
  • b) The nominated supervisor
  • c) Department of Education and Communities

Our Full Complaints Policy is available upon request.