Creating a Culture of Kindness

At Mosman Early Learning Center kindness is at the heart of everything we do. From our nursery children to our preschoolers, we develop strong social skills where children are encouraged to take turns, use kind words, mentor and care for each other. Children and Educators embrace individuality and diversity. Together with families we plan and organise a variety of celebrations from different cultures throughout the year. 

Children and educators at Mosman Early Learning Center spend time taking care of the garden, the indoor and outdoor spaces, little creatures we may find outdoors and our center pets. We believe in creating a Culture of Kindness will have a positive effect on everyone around us.

Developing Inquiring Minds

At Mosman Early Learning Center we follow an inquiry based program. We as educators love to be co learners with children. We encourage children to ask questions about the world they live in. These questions will often lead to discussions and research, where together we work on investigations and projects. Our learning then aims to equip children to make small but significant and positive changes in their world.

Here children were investigating recycling after spending lots of time watching and waving to the garbage truck and his driver.  After investigating where rubbish goes from the truck, the children decided to reduce the amount of waste we put in the bin. So together we started a worm farm and compost bin. Children daily are involved in caring for the worms and compost at the center. 

Our Dedicated Loving Teachers

At Mosman Early Learning Center, we value the importance of a good team of educators. Our qualified educators build secure and reciprocal relationships, and provide safe, challenging and predictable environments for children to explore, learn and develop.

Our day begins with smiles, cuddles and love as we greet children and families. Educators then explore, investigate and plan with each other and the children, based on the children interests and developmental levels. Observations and children’s work are carefully chosen and placed in each child’s individual portfolio. Educators record their day in our app, which allows you to see photos and a description of the day. Home time is a great time for us to share with families how their child’s day went and to discuss future goals. 

Program Highlights

  • Early Years Learning Framework is our guiding curriculum document. 
  • We prioritise partnerships with families. 
  • The unique flexibility of our curriculum allows us to continually challenge each child at their own pace.
  • We foster multi-age learning environments.
  • Collaborative and respectful environment.
  • Sustainability is one of our core values.
  • Children in our care have regular exposure to a variety of different languages via songs and music
  •  Seasonal meals prepared on site.